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    Doctor of Ministry


    The Doctor of Ministry degree is offered through a joint program with Methodist Theological School in Ohio. Students receive their degree from Trinity, but they have the benefit of working with faculty from both schools. This degree seeks to provide the church with transformative leaders equipped with advanced skills for critically and theologically engaging issues and their contexts in ways that contribute to vital faith communities and institutions.

    The Doctor of Ministry degree program is a flexible cohort-based, ecumenically-focused degree, designed with the student in mind:

    • Small classes
    • Full-time and Affiliated Faculty taught
    • National, ecumenical student base
    • Attentive project advisors

    The degree is designed to:

    • Provide ministering professionals with advanced educational experience
    • Serve the church by providing leaders with advanced professional development
    • Integrate classical and practical disciplines for theological work
    • Enhance analysis of changing contexts with a focus on transformation


    1. Leadership for Transformational Change
    2. The Mission and Practice of Preaching
    3. Ecology, Justice, and Ministry



    *Exceptions may be granted for schools with regional accreditation

    1. Do you hold an ATS-approved* M.Div. degree (or its theological educational equivalent)?*
    2. Have you spent 3 years in professional ministry after graduating from a Master’s degree program?
    3. Are you currently engaged in some form of ministry?
    4. Do you hold a 3.0 GPA (or P/F equivalent) in your Master’s degree work?

    If you answer “yes” to all of these questions, proceed to application!

    Doctor of Ministry Application (PDF)
    Doctor of Ministry Reference Form (PDF)
    Doctor of Ministry Student Handbook (PDF)

    What is the definition of “theological educational equivalent”?

    • Theological method, formation, and theological study and writing are components of education requisite for D.Min. work.
    • If applicants have no theological degree, then we ask them to earn a Master’s level degree with a theological focus (preferably M.Div.).
    • If the applicant has a non-M.Div. theological degree, we will take a case-by-case look at the application.
    • Master of Arts in Counseling Ministries (MTSO) must add a full year of classical disciplines – including 2 theology courses at an advanced (not introductory) level, advanced history and biblical work, advanced practical course, for a total of at least 24 hours.


    Application involves completion of the application form and submission of a $50 non-refundable application fee.

    Students applying for admission to the Doctor of Ministry degree program should normally have at least a 3.0 GPA (4.0 scale) in all of their graduate work. Students with less than a 3.0 may apply to the program with the understanding that their application will be evaluated by the entire D.Min. Committee and the Academic Dean. Additional materials may be required of applicants in this situation. MTSO and TLS will not consider D.Min. applicants whose graduate GPA is lower than 2.7 cumulative. Students who took their academic work in a Pass/Fail system should provide letters of reference from professors testifying that their performance is rated at A or B level coursework.

    Applicants must give evidence of their ability to undertake advanced professional study by:

    1. submitting official transcripts of all coursework completed at the college level and higher
    2. providing three references:

    3. – one must be from a denominational judicatory official (for example bishop, district superintendent., regional minister,executive presbyter, et. al., or in the case where there is no denominational official, a supervisor within the ministry setting, such as chair of deacon board) – one from a person with leadership responsibility in a ministry setting who can speak to your competence and appropriateness for the program
      – one from a professor who can attest to the applicant’s ability for doctoral work in the area of specialization. In cases where the applicant has graduated more than 10 years earlier, the applicant may substitute a letter from a ministerial colleague or other professional leader who can comment on the applicant’s fitness for doctoral study. Those writing references can return their completed forms to Director of Admissions, Methodist Theological School in Ohio or Trinity Lutheran Seminary by standard mail.
    4. submitting an essay of 4-6 double spaced pages tracing professional growth through continuing education since graduation, and identifying areas of professional strength and weakness
    5. including a statement of the initial goals for D.Min. study


    New cohorts of 5-15 students begin each July. Application due date for July matriculation is April 20. Courses run the last week of July/first week of August and one week in January.

    Students should apply by April 20 for July matriculation. The Institution to which the applicant applies will be the school from which the applicant graduates.


    • The total tuition for the D.Min. currently is $12,000, if the degree is completed in 4 years.
    • A project fee of $500 will be paid when the Project Proposal is submitted.
    • A $250 Second Readers fee will be paid when the project is completed.
    • Technology fees, project fees, continuation fees and other such costs are subject to annual change.

    The tuition charge will be reviewed annually and also is subject to change. Costs such as books, course materials, travel, housing and meals are not covered by tuition.


    MTSO and TLS do not provide direct financial aid for D.Min. students but may advise students on the pursuit of funding from various sources. Students are encouraged to pursue continuing education funds, grants or support from local congregations.



    Admission Office
    Trinity Lutheran Seminary at Capital University
    2199 East Main Street
    Columbus, Ohio 43209

    Dr. Jeffrey Jaynes
    Methodist Theological School in Ohio
    3081 Columbus Pike
    Delaware, Ohio 43015