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    It's okay to ask for help. Our staff are trained to assist you with a variety of career needs, from reviewing and revising your résumé, to helping you write the perfect cover letter, to assisting with your job and internship searches.
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    Our student intern staff members are available during the drop-in times listed below. You can also contact us directly at 614-236-6606 or email us at to schedule an appointment . 

    Drop-in Schedule for Career Development – Fall 2017
      Monday Tuesday
    9 - 10 am   Staffed until 9:50 am Staffed  Staffed  
    10 - 11 am   Staffed until 10:50 am  Staffed      Staffed until 10:50 am Staffed until 10:50 am  Staffed 
    11 - Noon Staffed  Staffed    Staffed  Staffed 
    Noon - 1 pm Staffed  Staffed Staffed 
    1 - 2 pm Staffed   Staffed Staffed Staffed
    2 - 3 pm  Staffed  Staffed until 2:50 pm  Staffed until 2:50 pm Staffed until 2:50 pm Staffed
    3 - 4 pm  Staffed  Staffed   Staffed  
    4 - 5 pm  Staffed until 4:50 pm  Staffed   Staffed