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Printing on Campus

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    Sustainability and environmental preservation is important to everyone. We know you’re already using the recycling bins around campus. So we know you will appreciate how our Going Green Print & Copy Program can help reduce waste, conserve resources, and reduce emissions from shipping.

    We took a look at how our students were using our printers and copiers, and decided to allot a $50.00 – or 500 page – print and copy credit to each student per semester. That’s more than most of our students use, so they will still have more than enough credits. But for those select few who were using much more, we think this program will help them think twice before printing excessively, and save us over 120,000 printed pages each semester.  Allotments balances that are not fully used during a semester will not carry over to the next semester.

    Log in to to view your balance, download printer installation packages, and get instructions for printing on campus.

    Think Before You Print

    You can help Capital preserve the environment and save energy with these printing tips.

    • Learn to review and edit documents online, so you only have to print a final copy.
    • Use email, CDs, or flash drives to distribute documents when possible.
    • Print on both sides of the paper.
    • Reuse before you recycle. Use the back of waste paper as scratch paper.
    • Recycle waste paper when you’re finished.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many pages will I be able to print/copy each semester?
    The amount is based on providing the equivalent of a ream of paper to each student for each term they attend. Based on that, at $0.10 a single sided sheet, it was determined that an allotment value of $50.00 per semester will be issued. Law school students receive their allotment on an annual basis.
    What happens if I go over my allotment?
    The system keeps a running balance of your printing/copying activity and notifies you each time a print job is submitted. For many you will be allowed to go negative. At the end of each allotment period negative balances will be submitted to the Office of Student Accounts and your account will be charged accordingly.
    Is the Balance what I owe?
    Balance reflects the amount of your allotment. Positive balances are of what was allotted to print/copy that still remain. Negative balances reflect an amount that has exceeded your allotment. Negative balances will be submitted to the Office of Student Accounts after each allotment period.
    What happens if I take a term off, can I still print?
    For many, if you take a term off then you will not receive an allotment and your balance at the start of the term would be set to zero. If you print then you will go negative and at the end of the term any amount that is negative will be sent to the Office of Student Accounts and your account will be charged accordingly.
    How do I check my balance?
    There are several ways to check your balance. Every time a print job is submitted your balance is displayed. If you select the “Billing” on any printer your balance is displayed on the printer. You will also receive monthly balance statement via email and you can always visit to look up your balance.
    What is an allotment period?
    The Main Campus and Law School have different allotment periods. For students on the Main Campus they get an allotment for each term they are enrolled. For the Law School they get one a year at the start of the Fall term.
    Will my allotment be rolled over at the end of each allotment period?
    No. Unused amounts do not roll over. Likewise, refunds are not given for unused amounts at the end of an allotment period.
    My work study requires me to print or copy. Will I be charged for those pages?
    Initially yes, then each Monday morning you will get a credit for all work done on departmental printers. Work done on Lab printers will not be detected by the refund process, for those you will have to fill out a reimbursement request and submit at the end of the current allotment period. For more details please see Overview for Reimbursement Requests.
    What happens if I have to print articles or web pages for a class?
    First ask yourself – is it essential that I print off this article? Can I read it on the computer screen? Do I need to print the entire article or just a part of it? 

    If you must print, do a Print Preview first. You may find there are additional pages (i.e. table of contents, ads from web pages, etc.) that are not needed. Also consider printing two pages per sheet. This feature is available in most programs. The text is legible and there is plenty of room for notes in the margins
    There was a problem printing; can I have a credit or a refund?
    There are two categories of printing problems that may receive credit.
    Category one: no pages were printed
    Several things can cause this; in some cases the user is charged for the job, while in others the job is deleted without any actual charges to the user or the charge being automatically refunded. Verifying that the job has been charged for must be done before a credit can be given. Please fill out the refund form (the form is required) and provide specific details and I.T. will look to see if this printed or not. 

    Category two: the pages printed were not what the user wanted
    Credit will be given if the printer or software generating the print job is at fault such as smudged pages, missing pages, garbage characters, crumpled paper or similar problems. If a student has pages that were charged to his/her account, but were unusable due to printer malfunction (e.g. streaks), he or she must fill out the refund form (the form is required) and take the unusable pages to the Help Desk in the basement of the Library. 

    When filling out the refund form please provide all information requested. This will be used to attempt a match of you request in the logs to verify amount accuracy. If an exact match cannot be found then we will estimate as best as possible. If you are submitting a stack of papers for a refund you must break out each print job on the form and collate the stack to indicate which set of papers go with which job; stapling each set works fine and is recommended.
    Incomplete or grossly inaccurate submissions may be rejected and you will have to correct and resubmit. All submissions should be made within 48 hours of the problem whenever possible. Submissions at or near the end of term should be made no later than 5-7 business days before the start of the next term. Response time will vary by workload. Any request submitted after the start of the next term cannot be processed; if you had a negative balance submitted to the Office of Student Accounts you will have to get your request approved by I.T. and then you will have to take that to the Office of Student Accounts and talk to them about an adjustment of past allotment periods.
    What will not receive credit
    User errors such as printing the wrong subset of pages too many copies, printing the wrong file, printing portrait when landscape was wanted, or selecting incorrect application options will not receive a credit. Most applications have a Print Preview menu item or icon that should be used to verify the number of pages and output appearance before actually printing.

     Overview for Reimbursement Requests

    Work study or Student Organization related reimbursements should be held until the end of the term, special circumstances for early reimbursements will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis (e.g. withdrawals). If it is deemed that your case can wait then you will be told to resubmit at the end of the term, I.T. will not 'hold' the request.

    Note: If your balance is sufficiently positive at the end of the term, and remains so during the break, then you may elect to not submit a reimbursement as balances are reset at the start of the next term and not carried over. Only negative balances are submitted to the office of Student Accounts. If you are close to going negative, or you are already negative, then you should submit a request for reimbursement for any authorized work/organizational related print/copy jobs done under your login name. You do not have to submit for ALL print and copy jobs; you may choose to submit for a partial amount that will be enough to keep, or bring, your balance positive. The decision is yours to make. Remember you can always check your balance at

    This form is for those that choose to submit a reimbursement request for authorized print and copy jobs done for work study or organizational purposes only, not for any personal / school related jobs. Please note that you are responsible for separating work related print/copy jobs from your student jobs. Abuse of this may result your exclusion from the reimbursement process, charges placed back on your account or submitted to the Office of Student Accounts in a subsequent term and/or reporting incidents to the Office of Student Affairs.
    Complete instructions are with the reimbursement form, it is important that you read and understand these instructions, incorrect or incomplete submissions may be rejected.