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Community Leadership and Government

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    Learn more about your personal leadership style and how you work with others.


    Activity Management and Programming
    Activity Management and Programming (AMP) is a fast-paced, student-centered organization that is always offering something new and exciting. We plan and implement fun, free events for everyone to enjoy while at Cap. We are dedicated to ensuring that these programs are high quality, creative, and diverse.

    L.E.A.D. is a service based organization for emerging and developing leaders on campus. We aim to prep students for leadership opportunities both on campus and in their future endeavors.

    Residence Hall Association
    RHA is a student-run organization designed to act as advocates for the student body, engage in communication with Residence Life, and promote education, leadership, community, diversity, and offer opportunities for students in the Capital University Residence Hall System. RHA will serve as the voice of the residents of the campus and community. Students who comprise the system are made up of different abilities, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, beliefs, ages, genders, and political affiliations. We strive for an appreciation, understanding, and celebration of the diversity within our population.

    Student Athlete Advisory Committee
    Purpose of the organization is to promote student athletes and athletic events on campus. SAAC represents student athletes and their teams to the athletic department and the Capital community.

    Student Government
    The role of Student Government is to represent the student body and serve as the liaison between the student body and the administration. Student Government funds special projects, student organization-sponsored campus activities, and tools to make students more successful. With SG’s contribution to the campus, students will have the means to enrich their Capital experience with meaningful activities in accordance with the University's mission to inspire life-long learners.